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Deciphering Your NCARB Exam Results

Most candidates receive their score within one week of their test date. Candidates receive an email when their score is available to view in NCARB Record.  NCARB reports test scores as either pass or fail.  If a candidate fails, that candidate won’t be able to see the questions answered incorrectly; however, the score report will include feedback on performance for each section, enabling the candidate to review and practice those sections with poor performance.

Each of the six divisions has a different passing standard based on input from an advisory panel of practicing architects, state board members, and educators. The passing standard does not change for any criteria including number of examinees taking the exam or location.

Candidates can verify scores and performance by contacting an NCARB Customer Service (202-879-0520) and requesting a score verification within 60 days of taking the test.  An NCARB architect will verify that the score and feedback accurately represent a candidate’s performance at a cost of $100.  The fee is refunded if the score or feedback was inaccurate.

Candidates may initiate a review and challenge of a failed exam if the candidate’s board of architecture permits reviews.  Each board has the sole discretion as to whether or not they will initiate a review process.  Candidates who wish to pursue the review process should contact their state board immediately.  For more information about the review and challenge process, review NCARB’s ARE 5.0 Guidelines.