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Exam Day Tips

How to Prepare for ARE 5.0 Exam Day

Schedule Your Exam Ahead of Time

The exams are available to eligible candidates at virtually any time, since test centers are open nearly every day throughout the year. However, it is the responsibility of the candidate to contact a test center to schedule an appointment. This must be done at least three days prior to the desired appointment time, but it is probably more sensible to make an appointment a month or more in advance. It is not necessary to take the test in the same jurisdiction in which you intend to be registered. Someone in San Francisco, for example, could conceivably combine test-taking with a family visit in Philadelphia.

Avoid Last-Minute Cramming

Candidates are advised to complete all preparations the day before their appointment in order to be as relaxed as possible before the upcoming test. Avoid last minute cramming, which in most cases does more harm than good. The graphic portions not only test design competence, but also physical and emotional endurance. You must be totally prepared for the strenuous day ahead, and that requires plenty of rest and as much composure.

One of the principal ingredients for success on this exam is confidence. If you have prepared in a reasonable and realistic way, and if you have devoted the necessary time to practice, you should approach the exam with confidence.

Scout Out the Testing Center

Take the time to map out your route to the testing center or even make the drive there. Find out where you will need to park, and if you will need to pay for parking. It may seem like a little thing, but if you are running behind schedule and don’t have change for a parking meter, it can add unnecessary stress to your day. If you take the time to go to the center, go in and check it out. Familiarizing yourself with exactly where you will need to go will alleviate some of your stress on exam day.