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Exam Advice

ARE Exam Advice—PPI Architecture EducationFollowing is a short list of suggestions intended to help candidates develop their own strategies and priorities. We believe each item is important in achieving a passing score on the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). The ARE Guidelines, available from the NCARB website, also lists suggestions for examination preparedness.


Get an early start on exam day

Arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled test time. Focus on your goal of passing and eliminate any unnecessary stresses.

You will be asked to provide a photo ID

With a signature. The name on your ID must match your NCARB record.  For security reasons and for recognition at future test center visits, you will have your picture taken and you will provide fingertip scans from both hands. You will also be asked to turn your pockets inside-out, and you’ll be scanned with a handheld metal detector.

Next, Your Prometric Test Center Administrator will explain the rules

Provide scratch paper and pencils, and assign you a workstation.  For each exam, you will receive access to applicable references, an online calculator, and an online clock that displays the time remaining in your exam.

If you have questions once seated in your assigned workstation

Simply raise your hand and your TCA will come to your workstation. You can request additional sheets of scratch paper, but used paper will be collected before you’re given more scratch paper.  If you experience any computer problems or errors, be sure to notify your administrator immediately and don’t clear any error messages.

You will receieve a scheduled break during every division exam

Upon re-entering your exam room, you’ll need to show your ID, scan your fingertips, and sign the log book again.  Additional restroom breaks are permitted, but the time remaining for you to take the exam will continue to count down.

Always select your best guess as opposed to leaving an answer blank

Each question is worth one point, and blank responses are considered incorrect.  After reviewing your answers, you will be prompted to exit the exam and complete a short survey.  Any used scratch paper and pencils will be collected when you exit the exam room, and you’ll be asked to sign the log book a final time.

You should receive your online score report within two weeks

Although many have received their score reports in just a few days.